Volkswagen North America
Community-Driven Promise

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands were rushing to make a statement about where they stood. Volkswagen had just put together a generous stimulus package that they were ready to activate. But rather than launching a top-down campaign from a giant corporation, we decided to let those dealing with the pandemic on a local level deliver the message. 

Volkswagen isn't just a big car manufacturer from overseas, it's a network of over 600 locally-owned dealerships across America. These dealers grew up in their communities. They’ve sold cars to friends, neighbors, and family members. They are also the ones that are feeling the same pinch that other small businesses were going through, as shops and services slowed to a halt. These people cared for their communities.

So to launch VW’s stimulus package we created the Community-Driven Promise. A pledge from Volkswagen that was delivered by the people in the thick of those affected communities - our local dealers.

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