Kraft Heinz
Family is who you cook for.

 If we asked you to name your family, you’d probably start with your mom or dad or sister or uncle. But there’s more to family than just biology. Oftentimes, our closest friends, allies, and confidants are the people we’d truly want to share a “family dinner” with. 

Kraft came to us with a simple brief: relaunch the Classico pasta sauce brand and make it relevant once again. We started with a simple insight, uncovered by hours of qualitative research, that family isn’t based on a last name or biological connection; it was based on the choice. The choice that the people you choose to cook for are the people you truly consider family.

Our campaign launched three films that each talked about a different type of “family.” A man and his dog, a young couple who battles with awkward night shifts, and a neighbor next door who is always grateful for a visitor. These films were shot to be as authentic as possible, to have a bit of moodiness to them, so they would stand out against the bright, happy-go-lucky commercials typical to the category. The final result was work that bucked tropes and stood out as the only pasta sauce brand that truly understands families of all kinds, even yours.