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Pizza on a Bagel, We Can All Agree With That: Part 2
Pizza on a bagel, new debates, and emerging artists is a combo we can all agree with.

Play date or gossip hour? 

3p.m. snack or 3a.m. snack? 

Anime or manga? 

No matter which side you're on, there's one thing we can all agree with: pizza on a bagel.

But rather than ask our audience to listen to us—we decided to call for a show of hands.

We partnered with emerging artists to put this iconic snack at the center of today’s conversations—from hairstyles to video games to everything in between—celebrating our community’s own interests, debates, and their own creative styles.

The result is a collection of images that show that whether you're a morning person or night person, a singer player or multiplayer gamer, a person writing website copy or a person reading it, the one thing we can all agree with?

Bagel Bites.

BAGE0078_KH_Bagel Bites_Play Date Gossip Hour 16x9_06_Social
BAGE0084_KH_Bagel Bites_No White After Labor Day No Rules Ever 16x9_06_Social
BB SOCIAL 3_16x9