24 Hour Game
To celebrate the kick off of their 4th season, NYCFC wanted to create an event to let everyone know that soccer was back in New York City.

Enter the 24 Hour Game, soccer that never sleeps for the city that never sleeps.

We created a pickup match that lasted a full 24 hours in one of New York's most iconic venues: Rockefeller Center.
To bring this to life, we built a soccer field, organized an opening ceremony, and orchestrated a 4AM halftime show that kept New York City buzzing about NYCFC soccer all day and night.

The event was a hit, trending on Twitter and garnering coverage from the New York Times, ESPN, the New York Post, and countless others. NBC’s Today Show even had Al Roker take the field for his morning weather broadcast.

But most importantly, the fans loved it. Over 1,000 people signed up to take part in the 24 Hour Game in the first day..