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One of Johannes Leonardo’s core values as an agency is to be a living example of the world we want to create. To do that, it is our obligation to identify, attract, empower, and support diverse people and perspectives.

While we have always worked to diversify our agency and the partners with whom we work, it’s become clear that we can do better, and we will do better. As we continue to ensure that we have our house in order, we will be better positioned to create and elevate work that not only reflects change but helps to bring it about in the world. 

This data reflects our commitment to transparently improving our workplace and being honest with ourselves on where we must improve. 

In addition to our larger commitments, below is our quarterly update of what we are specifically focusing on for the rest of Q4.

Workplace Diversity: Our Talent teams have created a targeted plan of sourcing talent to assess the level of diversity in the pipeline process and identify obstacles and strategies for improvement. While this is a focus throughout our agency we have put specific attention on diversifying senior leadership. 

    • ACTION: In Q4 we will continue our commitment to bringing at least 50% diverse candidates into the interview process for each open role. 
    • ACTION: In Q4 we are launching a redesigned interview process focused on mitigating unconscious bias and aligning hires behind our values as an agency 

Inclusion: We recognize that inclusion is not the automatic product of a diverse workplace, it is a carefully thought out strategy that ensures that when people join our agency,  they are empowered to succeed and progress both personally and professionally. We must continue to give our workforce a voice and create an inclusive culture. 

  • ACTION: In Q4 we will be launching a unique coaching, career planning, and training programs for high-performing diverse talent

Equity: We are committed to equal opportunities and advancement for our employees, period. That can only be accomplished when we are creating an environment built on respect, transparency and accountability. 

  • ACTION: Proactively conduct our annual Pay Equity study with the entire agency in order to identify and remedy pay disparities 

Our 5 Commitments:
  1. We will start by doing the work inside our own walls.
  2. We will not only open our doors to diverse talent, we must go in search of people and ask them to join us.
  3. We will help lead our client partners through change.
  4. We will elevate diverse and underrepresented communities in our work and have a positive impact on the world.
  5. We will create opportunities for diverse talent outside our walls through the work we make.

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