Johannes Leonardo

Become a Brain Builder

Empowering parents to transform everyday moments into brain building moments.

You already have what it takes to be a brain builder

Vroom is a bold initiative with the mission to transform everyday moments into brain building moments. Armed with the latest scientific knowledge at our core, we developed a co:brand platform to change the outcomes of a generation of young minds.

We have an ambitious goal: create the last early learning campaign, and do it for a population that needs it most: low-income parents. While there have been numerous child development efforts in the past, most have struggled to move the needle. We needed an entirely new approach to transcend the pitfalls of the classic PSA.

What’s more, we knew from extensive field research that low-income parents require an empowerment message and a solution that doesn’t require more time or take more work to accomplish. Our solution had to make the most of the latent potential embedded in the time they already spend with their children.

One of our central challenges: these moments between parent and child are some of the most intimate, happening inside the home. Government isn’t there, schools aren’t there, and even the best early learning community efforts only reached a small portion of the people who need it most.

But we realized, some of the world’s most prevalent brands sit right at the center of bath-time, dinner time, and changing time. Vroom is partnering with these iconic brands, transforming the product experience into brain building interactions between parent and child. This is the key to the initiatives model for scale and sustainability, creating a win-win virtuous cycle, brand building and brain building moments at the same time.

The momentum is building. With founding partners secured, Vroom is now entering its national scale phase. Products will be on shelf in 2016, encouraging parents and communities across the country that they already have what it takes to help build their child’s brain.

Transforming the smallest moments can have some of the biggest, most systemic impact.