Johannes Leonardo

Superior Supima

Changing the model: creating consumer awareness to drive retail demand.

<p>Superior Supima</p>

There’s cotton, and then there’s superior cotton.

Supima was known amongst retailers as the makers of America's finest cotton. But the consumers who ultimately drove the demand for it had little idea. So we produced a campaign that blurred the boundaries between art and fashion.

Supima is America’s luxury cotton. Grown exclusively in the American Southwest, Supima represents the top 3% of cotton produced globally. A superior fiber by its very breed, Supima is softer, stronger and retains color far longer than other cottons. The AW 12 “Superior” campaign is a thought provoking take on the Supima brand name (shorthand for Superior Pima cotton) and features a series of metaphorical, witty interpretations of what superior can mean. The style is bold yet surreal, blurring the boundaries between art and fashion languages.

The objective of the campaign was to transform Supima’s perception amongst top fashion industry consumers and executives. The Superior Campaign garnered 2 million unique impressions in earned media alone and received great recognition by the industry taste-makers.

"To me the campaign for Supima made you feel the sensuality of the amazing soft cotton fiber by juxtaposing a striking modern portrait next to a breath taking image of nature in the wild . I love the work of Ro Ethridge. He captures both so effortlessly and pulls you in and makes you dream."

Madeline Weeks - Fashion Director, GQ