Johannes Leonardo


Mobile HAS forever changed what consumers expect from brands. 

Micro-Moments happen when consumers turn to their devices for information: when they need to know, go, buy, or watch -- right then. Using Google search, display, and maps advertising, brands can meet those moments of consumer intent. In real-time.

Mobile forever changed what consumers expect from brands. Smartphones allow people to act on any impulse at any time, taking immediate action whenever they want to learn, find, do, or buy something. These are micro-moments. Google search ads allow brands to meet those moments with relevant messaging right when it matters most. People’s preferences and purchases are shaped in these micro-moments, which means the brands that do the best job of addressing needs in each moment will win. Now, more than ever, consumer intent is everything. 

Our job was to prove to high level marketers that micro-moments matter, and to invest their media dollars into these Google programs. We started by working with Google on the strategy of how to speak about micro-moments, finding a call to action that both invited, and challenged brands into our new way of thinking- “meet the moment.” Then we realized, marketers don’t just want to hear about new advertising philosophies. They want to see them in action. They want proof. So we proved it.

During Advertising Week 2015 in New York City, we partnered with Airbnb and Dunkin’ Donuts to create two micro-moment campaigns targeted directly at marketers attending the event. Seeing a few sights, and getting coffee, were on the list of most Advertising Week attendees from out of town.

For Dunkin', we built, a service that crunches two sets of data—the walk times to Dunkin' locations in the Ad Week area, and current wait times at each—to determine which Dunkin' will get you coffee quickest. When people searched for "coffee near me" on Google Maps or in Google Search, they were shown a map with both walk times and wait times at nearby locations, letting them find the fastest cup of coffee around.

For Airbnb, meanwhile, we launched "Hosted Walks," a service that helped Ad Week visitors find hidden gems, not just the usual tourist traps, around the neighborhood. We tapped into Airbnb’s vast hosting community to provide host-led audio tours of Midtown Manhattan via Google Maps.

Both campaigns were successful during Ad Week, showing marketers the power of a brand tapping into consumer intent, right in the moment of search. From the campaigns, we created two case study videos for Google that both explain the potential of micro-moments, and show examples of how brands can use those moments creatively.