Johannes Leonardo

LIve Mutual 

WHILE the world would have us believe independence is a strength, we choose to recognize that the greatest gift we've been given is that we need each other.  

MassMutual sets out to change the perception of reliance from a negative to a symbol of maturity and a life lived fully. 

When did relying on others become a weakness? Today's society glorifies independence, tells us make it on our own. But anyone who's ever achieved anything has depended on others, in one way or another. It's in our nature.

Supported by a refreshed visual identity, the campaign marks the launch of a rebranding effort aimed at sharing the company's 166-year-old values with a new generation of consumers in need of financial guidance.

The launch spot, "Two Ways," shines a light on our inherent interdependence, challenging viewers to reappraise the small moments in our lives and to recognize that nothing matters more than our relationships with each other.

Additional fifteen-second ads also call out the importance of our seemingly quiet, everyday interactions that are so easily overlooked. The TV work is supported by headline-driven billboards in key markets, as well as radio and full-page newspaper ads.

But Live Mutual is more than just an ad campaign. In a category that talks about being financially prepared for death, Live Mutual is a celebration of living fully through others. It's a rallying cry to help Americans recognize that our interdependence lets us experience life more deeply, and with more joy.