Johannes Leonardo

Avenue n°5

The world’s most famous high-end shopping street, re-named after the world’s most famous fragrance.

<p>Avenue n&deg;5</p>

Luxury, for Chanel, is above all, a mindset, and has been so for more than 100 years. How could Chanel bring this mindset to the one category that speaks most intimately to woman: skincare?

By uniting the world’s most famous fragrance with the world’s most famous street, N.5' s iconic role in the public’s imagination was further cemented.

Thanks to the legions of shoppers and travelers armed with smartphones the idea travelled from 5th Avenue to blogs all over the world. Once again Chanel was spoken about without doing much of the talking themselves.

We are honored to partner with the city of New York and Saks Fifth Avenue to name May 5th ‘CHANEL N°5 Day.' We are pleased to share the excitement of this iconic product with New York on this symbolic day in our brand’s history.

John Galantic, President and COO of CHANEL, Inc.