Johannes Leonardo

Ask Your Feet

Shifting the conversation from image to performance.


The soccer world was reeling from a flurry of famous players who were injured and forced to sit out of important tournaments. Were the lightness of their football boots to blame? Was style being favoured over comfort, safety and performance?

How do you launch a football boot brand in an over hyped category by two marketing powerhouses? ‘Ask Your Feet’ shifted the conversation from image to performance, from fantasy to reality, and empowered footballers to make the right decision for their game.

80% of people who try on Nomis boots buy them. The action needed was clear: get boots on feet and get the conversation going. By positioning the new brand as one that puts players first, or more specifically, puts feet first, we created a back-to-basics idea that makes the competition look like they've forgotten what really matters.

Rather than make an uninformed decision, based on ‘image,’ aspiring players were encouraged to put performance first and 'ask your feet'. With 4-patented technologies Nomis had a product that could compete with any other out there and that could substantiate the brand’s fundamental promise to serve real footballers above all others.

‘Ask your feet’ debuted with a 2-min launch film, featured at the European Championships ‘08. By partnering with influential football bloggers it stirred the existing debate about the state of modern football boots. Culminating with the film on the homepage of the UK’s largest tabloid newspaper, The Daily Mirror, generating millions of impressions for the brand.

The inaugural Right Boot Store kicked off in Berlin opposite the Adidas Originals store.

Vanguards ventured into new space transforming the training pitch into a retail outlet.

Sales in the first year grew 200% as a result of the differentiated positioning and multimedia approach.