Johannes Leonardo


Chewing Trident gum is the habit that refreshes your mouth and mind.

The Refreshing Habit

With the gum category facing global decline, Trident was on a mission to jolt consumers into reassess the benefits of chewing gum. We needed to encourage people around the world to start regularly making the purchase once again.

Most people know that gum refreshes their mouth by cleaning and neutralizing odor, but few people realize that it refreshes their mind, too. Trident’s new campaign shows how chewing regularly keeps your mind “in the zone” – helping you to focus and take everything in stride. It’s the refreshing habit.

We launched the campaign with a quirky TV spot featuring a secret agent parachuting mishap saved by the power of Trident-induced quick thinking, and a strong push in POS and OOH. The posters alerted the public to the mind-powering effects of chewing Trident. It’s dangerous to have a mind so fresh.